Why Flint’s Water Crisis is Our Crisis

child drinking water

This article originally found at Think Progress

Water. A necessity in life. Not just any water though, but rather clean, fresh water that helps to replenish the body and mind. Dehydration can have effects such as headaches, dizziness, delirium, etc. But, what cheap nba jerseys happens when the water that we all need so much is tainted? And what are the long term effects of that?

Flint, Michigan is dealing with this very issue. In December 2015, a State always of Emergency was declared when the drinking water was found to in be poisoned with lead, which is something that even Back buildings are tested for before they are deemed suitable for human use.

Drinking this water will inevitably lead to some problems down the road, especially for the children. According to Think Progress, the damage can affect their IQ’s and behavior, such as decreased attention spans, mental retardation, and behavioral disorders. Lead contamination has been linked to the increased likelihood of violent crime, based on a correlational study in Cincinnati. With the already-bursting juvenile system in Flint, issues arising due to this lead will be extremely detrimental to both the youth and the system that cannot handle ごあいさつ any more cheap nfl jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys of an influx.

Flint is a relatively small city. wholesale nba jerseys Generally speaking, small wholesale mlb jerseys cities don’t have too many issues. Everyone knows each other, which means everyone talks, and you know you don’t want someone else’s mother telling yours what you did wrong. I have been there. Small towns sometimes aren’t that great, but they usually keep people in check. However, Flint appears to suffer problem that typically plague larger cities, such as educational issues, violence, poverty, and drug abuse. This doesn’t bode well for now-poisoned water that has the potential to cause serious mental issues down the road.

The wholesale nfl jerseys effects of the poisoned water are already being seen. According to Time magazine, a 2-year-old in Flint was poisoned by the lead, which resulted in rashes all over. Now he is frightened of water in general, and screams when it touches him. This has to be the saddest thing I cheap nfl jerseys have heard. A child being afraid Winkelschleifer of water because of what it has done to them.

Flint will need more help than just reviewing the possible outcomes of this catastrophe. They need to be assured that the water they are getting is clean. The children may need to be counseled and analyzed to see where they stand mentally at this point; perhaps conduct a longitudinal study that includes getting them whatever help is of necessary. We can’t just Stairs let the city die, so to speak. We can’t let Flint fall into a situation in which its Vente-Cession children are out wholesale mlb jerseys of control because of no wrongdoing of their own in the first place. How is it that in 2016, there is still water that is unsafe to drink? Sept How haven’t Короткие they found a solution yet?

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