Two ABC Shows “Push The Envelope” By Tackling The Use of the N-word In School

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Two ABC shows have tackled the use of the N-word in school in the last week and, given the precariousness of the topic, have come up with pretty thoughtful cheap mlb jerseys examinations of the word and its place in modern society.

First up was the cheap jerseys season premiere last week of “Blackish,” the situation comedy about an upscale black family that since its debut last season has frequently taken on issues of race, education, and family life in funny but thoughtful ways.

As anyone who saw the promos for the episode called “THE Word,” parents Andre “Dre” Johnson (Anthony Anderson) and Rainbow Johnson (Tracee Ellis Ross) are called to school because of their youngest son, Jack (Miles Brown), a 4th or 5th grader who sings the Kanye West song “Gold Digger” at the school talent show. The song’s hook includes the N-word, rhyming with 2010 “gold digger,” of course.

(The show silently bleeped each instance of the word, including digitally scrambling the mouths wholesale jerseys of characters Medal who uttered it.)

Initially, the situation is played for laughs wholesale nfl jerseys with Rainbow wondering where her son would have heard the N-word, and then we cut to Dre singing along to the Kanye West song in the car with Jack.

But as wholesale mlb jerseys the Expensive episode goes Association on, there is some serious debate about the word and about efforts by a wholesale nfl jerseys generation of African-Americans to reclaim it, whether for a rap lyric or something else. And there is the revelation to the parents by their teenage daughter, After Zoe (Yara Shahid), that her white friends with names such as Dylan, Asher, and wholesale MLB jerseys Jacob regularly use the word in ways she SCHIENEN doesn’t find offensive.

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