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Chicago Students Walk Out of Class Over Teacher Dismissals and Budget Cuts

In October 2015, approximately 200 students from the Roosevelt High School in Chicago walked out of their classes.  They were supporting their staff and teachers, many of whom had been laid off. Some of the students interviewed said they were against the budget cuts in their school. Roosevelt High School alone had its budget sliced…

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A Black Community Question: Where are All the Black Teachers?

Ask yourself this question: How many black teachers did you have while you were in grades K-12?  Think about when you were in college? Chances are, if you had more than 3 black teachers during your entire academic career, you were truly blessed, regardless of if you went to school in an urban or suburban setting.…...

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Lack of Diversity in America’s Teachers and Its Impact on Students

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Talking about Death in School: What Should Teachers Do?

By Victor Ochieng Death is a complicated topic that many struggle with, especially children. When dealing with the topic of death, teachers may play an important role in facilitating a healthy and meaningful discussion. In a Washington Post article, Kelly Michelson, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Northwestern University, talks of a scenario in which her…

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Why Don’t Some Students In Detroit Have Any Teachers Or Textbooks? (Video)

[fvplayer src=”″] At one point, Detroit was a cultural and economic mecca. A solid middle class existed and the schools thrived. However, things have changed in recent years. Parents of students in Detroit Public Schools are asking, “Why don’t our kids have teachers or textbooks,” as some students at Renaissance High and at Paul Robeson…...

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Can Teachers Teach and Parent?

By Victor Ochieng Several principals, superintendents, and education leaders have been on a rallying call, asking parents to get more engaged in their children’s learning, with the hope that it would inspire the students to get more involved in learning and improve their performance. In response, many parents have become more engaged in their children’s…

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Study Finds That Bias Towards Black Students Starts in Preschool

This is the second part of a series covering NPR’s “Bias Isnt’ Just A Police Problem, It’s A Preschool Problem.” Walter Gilliam and his team of researchers from Yale were able to use eye-scan technology to determine that preschool teachers watching short videos spent more time watching black students, in particular the black boy, than…

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The Real Teacher: Who is Reaching Our Children?

By Brian J.T. Watts As an educator, I have always been committed to opening the minds of my students and pouring in effective mathematical skills coupled with undeniable logic. I believed that this gift of skills and logic would aid my students as they matured and faced difficult decisions. I dared to think that I…

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