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Kindergarteners are Being Suspended for Calling Out Answers During Class

By Evette D. Champion Annually, approximately 3 million students, most of whom are in high school, receive out-of-school suspensions. However, more and more children in preschool or kindergarten are being sent home as punishment for infractions that would make you raise your eyebrows. In a PBS NewsHour Special, John Merrow discusses suspensions within the Success Charter…

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No More Suspensions for Young Students in St. Louis Schools

By Angela Wills Public schools in St. Louis are trying a different approach for disciplining the youngest students in the system. A ban on out-of-school suspensions of preschool through second grade students was announced by school officials. They will instead counsel those pupils who are misbehaving. Superintendent Kelvin Adams said, “We just think it’s the…

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School Police Presence is Higher in Black Schools: Is this Justifiable or Racist?

By Robert Stitt Are schools more likely to have a strong police presence if there are more black students in attendance? If so, are those students more likely to have run-ins with those law enforcement officers? A new study says the answer to both of these questions is…yes. The study conducted by Tim Servoss  and…

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Is Improving Equity in Schools Achievable?

Equity is the quality of being fair and impartial. When it comes to schools and education, it is always an ideal goal. We want all students to go to school and feel the same way, be treated the same way, and learn the same way. But, as we have seen in the news and have…

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Racially-Biased School Suspensions Has Led Seattle to Change Disciplinary Policies

By Angela Wills The education system in the state of Washington has made headline news more than a few times over the past few months. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been to sing the school system’s praises, but rather the exact opposite. Legislature received a court order to pay $100,000 per day into special education funding due…

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Know Your Rights: Will Your Children’s Discipline Records Follow Them?

By Angela Wills In an attempt to identify civil rights violations against minorities and special education students, initiatives have been taken to collect more data regarding discipline in schools. The Department of Education Office for Civil Rights reports that beginning this year, all districts and public schools across the nation are required to report data…

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Is Your Three Year Old in the ‘Preschool to Prison Pipeline’ ?

By Angela Wills Janine Trotter is the mother of 5-year-old twin boys, Marcus and Marlon, who attend school in the Virginia. Her boys are academically successful, often scoring in the highest percentile of national tests, but according to the school district, they are little outlaws. This is not a label that Janine expected to be…

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I Am Not My Hair, or Am I?

By Tyra Seldon Every week, it seems as if there is a new story about Black children who are being ostracized, scolded, or penalized for their natural hair. Some school districts have even gone so far as to “ban” certain hairstyles. Words such as “nappy,” “unkempt,” or “unprofessional” have become code words that signify that…

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