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How Much is too Much in Kindergarten?

This article originally found at NPR Nowadays, kindergarteners are learning things that are increasingly more complex. When I was a child, kindergarten consisted of sitting on a mat playing games like duck-duck-goose and who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, naps, and play-doh. It was also about preparing for going to a higher grade. Of…

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Getting a Great SAT Score Requires Sacrifice

An original article by Dylan Hernandez entitled How I Learned to Take the SAT Like a Rich Kid should be entitled how to do great on the SATs. Everyone has an opportunity to do great, and it’s not based on how much one’s family makes; instead, it’s based on what we, as parents and educators, can…

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Girls Outperform Boys In Technology and Engineering Literacy Tests

By Ryan Velez While the numbers of female employees at tech companies have been historically low, results reported by The Huffington Post suggest that it is by no means a matter of aptitude. In fact, girls may have the advantage in knowledge when it comes to some technological knowledge. These results come from National Assessment…

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Standardized Tests: Are They Really Necessary?

By Angela Wills Last spring in New York, parents of more than 200,000 pupils made the decision for their children to sit out standardized state tests. Some argue that by refusing to have their children participate, the parents were “inadvertently making a choice to undermine efforts to improve schools for every child.” As testing season approaches…

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Five Things You Need to Know about the New SAT Exam

High school students will be taking the redesigned SAT starting this month. The test isn’t completely different, but there are some adjustments that can change how you take the test. Many colleges have started to change their admission policies so that standardized tests are optional. However, a number of students still choose to take the…

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Is Advanced Math a Necessity for College Admissions?

When it comes to school subjects, I think certain classes are essential, such as health class, typing, foreign language, finance, and maybe home economics, depending on the household the students come from. That being said, there are other classes that, unless you are going to major in one of these fields, might not seem all that necessary.…

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