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TED Talk: Chris Abani “Telling Stories from Africa”

In this talk, Nigerian novelist and poet Chris Abani explains that much of what we know about who we think we are comes from stories. “The question is, how do I balance narratives that are wonderful with narratives of wounds and self-loathing? And this is the difficulty that I face. I am trying to move beyond…

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If We Don’t Affirm Our Girls, Who Will?

By Tyra Seldon The recent NAACP Image Awards ceremony was rich with Black women in beautiful gowns with smiling faces beaming with confidence. Articulate and poised, many of the presenters and award recipients epitomized the positivity that many of us strive for. Now, juxtapose that image with that of a young school-age girl who barely…

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How Teaching Emotional Intelligence Can Help Educate Future Black Leaders

A powerful tool for success that should be taught in classrooms today is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is defined as, “The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically”  is seen as the key to both personal and professional success. Why is emotional intelligence such an important…...

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5 Things That Make Strong-Willed Kids Great

By Evette D. Champion If you have children who are strong willed, you understand the struggle it can be to raise them. These children won’t budge when they want something, whether they complain about taking a shower or insist that they eat their favorite food every day for dinner. As a young kid, it can be frustrating,…

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I am not Invisible…Neither is She

I went back and forth with myself about a title for this article. As a black woman or girl, we are often over looked by “others” when beauty is mentioned. “I am not invisible” is symbolic to mean that even though they may not acknowledge us, they feel our presence. So, know that they see you,…

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These Clubs and Organizations Scream Empowerment for Black Girls

By Angela Wills Beautiful, strong, and brilliant are terms that few young black girls associate with themselves, although they are perfect examples of each term in every way. Discrediting their image of beauty is something that black girls across the globe are exposed to each day. There are many positive groups out there that aim to…

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Raising Children Who Are Aware Of Racism Is Beneficial To Society

By Giovanni Zaburoni Black Americans live in a society where their skin color makes them a target for those in power. The recent incidents of police brutality against black people is not new. Now that almost everyone has a cell phone, it’s just easier for citizens to capture police officers abusing their authority on tape. The…

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3 Ways to Help Your Child Become Successful

This story originally found at When we think about what determines success, many would put their money on a high intelligence quotient. There’s no doubt IQ plays a role in academic achievement, but acceptance into an Ivy League school far from guarantees professional success. CEOs who have recruited the brightest graduates from top universities…

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A Mother’s Journey to Make Sure that Black Boys Matter

By Dr. Amanda Kemp Do you remember the demonstrations at malls, court houses, and hospitals where people staged die-ins? I remember dropping to the ground when the signal came. I remember the slow passage of time as the Park City Mall grew quiet and all I heard was my heart. When I arose, I looked up…

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