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How Bad Do You Want It? Part I

I have heard a lot of motivational and empowering speeches and talks in my lifetime. I have actually delivered many motivational and empowering talks myself. It seems that the core message in every one of these speeches, talks, sermons or keynote addresses as been: “How bad do you want it?” So, I want to ask this…

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The Surprising Connection Between Pincer Function and Kindergarten Readiness

By Felicia Williams What is one of the most important skills your kindergartner needs to know when he enters the doors of his classroom in the fall? He needs to know how to grip a writing tool. It is an action we often take for granted, but for a little kid it is a skill…

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Let’s Read More to Our Black Boys

This article originally found at The Ed Advocate I love reading with my son. However, he seems much more content with just turning the pages, closing the book, or trying to eat it. In that same sense, we have a tablet for him that helps with everything from Tangrams (puzzles with basic shapes) and math,…

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Racism Pushing more African American Students into Homeschooling

This article originally found at Michigan Radio I can’t complain about homeschooling for any reason. I plan on homeschooling my son who is almost two right now. Once he is old enough, schooling will begin (although children are never too young to learn). My neighbor homeschools his son, and once his daughter is old enough,…

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Encourage Your Child to Read: 10 Tips for Middle-Schoolers

Originally part of the Encouraging Reading and Writing series at Understood Reading can become a challenge for middle-schoolers. As classwork increases and academic rigor intensifies, the enjoyment they found in reading may decrease. Use these tips to help your children find and maintain their joy for reading. Respect their choice in literature. Your children may…

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Educating Your Child Before Kindergarten, at No Cost

This article originally found at Black Enterprise We all like the idea of getting something of value for free. Right? Getting your children ready for kindergarten doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Some of us naively think that once the kid is the right age, we can just sign them up for school and take…

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Parent to Parent: 6 Tips to Help Your Child in Gifted and Honor Programs

It should come as no surprise that white students are more likely to be classified as “gifted” or “intelligent” than Black and Hispanic students. When a snapshot is taken of these classes throughout the nation, the numbers reflect the same. As a mother of a child who is recognized as academically gifted, and currently in one…

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Encourage Your Child to Read: 16 Tips for Grade-Schoolers

Originally part of the Encouraging Reading and Writing series at Understood Cultivating a love of reading in young children will develop and reinforce their language skills. Developing enthusiasm for reading may even help those with language and attention issues overcome their challenges. Encourage your grade-schooler with the following tips. Read it over and over again.…

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How to Create a Balanced High School Course Catalog (Video)

Students take many courses throughout their high school careers. Educator Sherwyn Besson shares the importance of having a balanced high school catalog and how parents and educators can effectively influence their students’ courses so that they are more reflective of their communities. He also explains how his educational background provides a platform for his current…...

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