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Big Sean Raises Funds for Children Affected by Flint Water Crisis

Many were upset with the news of the water contamination in Flint, MI made national headlines, and the reality is the residents of Flint are still mad. Why? Because while there are reports that the water crisis is over, the current and future effects of extended exposure to lead is not close to being over.…

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Michigan Children Forced To Deal With Education Woes and Failures

Children in Michigan have been dealing with issues resulting from the lack of care and compassion shown towards them. Many residents have been dealing with water so poisoned that they cannot drink, shower, or cook with it. But now, there is a new issue in Michigan: education. According to various sources, almost half of the…

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Ohio State University Fans Mock Those Affected by Flint Water Crisis

Some stuff I just don’t get, and tacky, tasteless “jokes” are at the top of the list. At the end of November, Michigan and Ohio State faced off on the football field. It is no doubt one of the top rivalries in college football. That being said, we all know that fans on both sides…

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Where’s the Money?: $1.7M Reportedly Paid to Michigan Charters that Never Opened

By Evette D. Champion In a report that was released by a Wisconsin-based progressive advocacy group, there has been at least $1.7 million in federal funding that was given to 25 Michigan charter schools that were never opened. The Center for Media and Democracy said they reviewed the federal and state records which showed the…

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We’ve Heard of the Flint Water Crisis, But What About the Detroit Public School Crisis?

Tom Bleakley is coming out of retirement to fight for the kids of Detroit. He is bringing a class action lawsuit against Governor Rick Snyder on behalf of the 46,000 kids in the Detroit Public School system. Bleakley said, “Children can’t learn when kids have to wear coats in the classroom and dead rats are…

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Why Flint’s Water Crisis is Our Crisis

This article originally found at Think Progress Water. A necessity in life. Not just any water though, but rather clean, fresh water that helps to replenish the body and mind. Dehydration can have effects such as headaches, dizziness, delirium, etc. But, what cheap nba jerseys happens when the water that we all need so much…

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