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TED-Ed: Mansa Musa, One of the Wealthiest People Who Ever Lived

Mansa Musa, African king of the Mali Empire in the 14th century, is estimated to be the richest man in history with an estimated net worth of $400 billion. In this video, Jessica Smith tells the story of how the Mansa Musa used his power, influence, and fortune to put his empireĀ on the map. Originally…

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Five Black Historical Facts that Your Child will Never Learn in School (Part 5)

Take a moment and think back to your own education. What did you learn? Who did you learn it from? Did the curriculum accurately reflect what you knew about Black history? Unfortunately, most of the information that we learn throughout our K-12 education is not reflective of the rich and diverse accomplishments that African Americans…

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Medieval Kingdoms of Africa

Think back to when you were in school. Ok, now think back specifically to the subject of black history as taught during your school years from kindergarten to your senior year of high school. If you are like millions of Americans, the memories of black history lessons received in school only covered black people after…

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