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Get Outside the Textbook!

By Felicia Williams A little while ago, I was reading my Facebook timeline when I saw a video clip that claimed students were “freaking out” in the hallway. Naturally, like any nosy person, I clicked the link. To my surprise, the students were “freaking out” over mathematics! J. E. Johnson Elementary School in Mississippi is working outside of…...

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Students Are Invited By NASA to Help Land a Manned Craft on Mars

By Evette D. Champion NASA wants to land several manned spacecrafts on Mars as a result of their successful landing of Curiosity earlier this year. Although Curiosity weighed in at just one ton, the landing with a complete crew will bring the weight up to as much as 15 to 30 tons. To be able to…

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What is the Most Innovative School in the Nation?

By Evette D. Champion In an effort to break away from the norm, here are some innovative schools in the US that intend to set themselves apart. STAR School (Flagstaff, Arizona) This charter school, which educates students from K-8, prides itself on being environmentally friendly. The facility, which opened in 2001, relies on 245 solar…

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