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Activists are Bringing Education Back to Girls in Nigeria, Despite Boko Haram

By Evette D. Champion Out of the estimated 57 million children that are not in school around the world, 10 million of these children reside in Nigeria. What’s even more disheartening is that the majority of these children are female. In the predominantly Muslim northern portion of the African country, the situation is bleak. Girls…

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Racism Pushing more African American Students into Homeschooling

This article originally found at Michigan Radio I can’t complain about homeschooling for any reason. I plan on homeschooling my son who is almost two right now. Once he is old enough, schooling will begin (although children are never too young to learn). My neighbor homeschools his son, and once his daughter is old enough,…

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TED Talk: Bryan Stevenson “We Need to Talk About an Injustice”

In this talk, human rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson discusses the immense impact that the criminal justice system has had on the Black America. Using stories, statistics, and insights that he gained working with Rosa Parks, he explains both how and why the American people need to confront the injustice demonstrated throughout disenfranchised communities. “Well I believe that our…

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It’s 2016: Time to Upgrade Detroit Schools to the New Millennium

In 1896, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racially separate facilities did not violate the Constitution if the facilities were equal. For the next 50 plus years, many were forced to realize that equality was a concept that could be redefined by those in authority “at will.” Due to the unfair practices of the day,…

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Jennifer Hudson Joins the Battle for Equality in Schools for Minority Students

By Evette D. Champion Jennifer Hudson performed at the Stand for School Equality rally on October 7 at the Cadman Plaza in New York. Over 15,000 parents, students, and educators attended the campaign organized by The Families of Excellent Schools in an effort to stop separate and unequal schools all over New York. The American Idol…

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Teacher Blackballed For Writing Book About Inequality of Black Kids (Video)

Freedom of speech is considered a fundamental aspect of American democracy, but what happens when one’s ideas are in conflict with one’s employer? In this segment, English teacher, Granville Caldwell Jr., speaks about his experience as an educator and an author. Mr. Caldwell wrote a book about the inequalities of black students within the school…...

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The Welfare Mentality and Urban Education

BY: Giovanni Zaburoni When you are a minority talking about minority issues, you have to be prepared to face backlash from people who don’t want to hear about the race-related problems America continues to face. Conservative writer Star Parker specializes in ethnic politics and is often bombarded with questions like “Aren’t we all Americans?” “Isn’t…

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Why Parents of Young Children Should Be Concerned About the Academic Achievement Gap

Washington D.C. is the national leader of universal access to preschool for 4- and 5- year olds as a way to ensure that all children are ready for school, regardless of their economic status. However, a recent report reveals that the achievement gap starts much earlier than preschool; in fact, it starts in infancy. This…

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Standardized Tests: Are They Really Necessary?

By Angela Wills Last spring in New York, parents of more than 200,000 pupils made the decision for their children to sit out standardized state tests. Some argue that by refusing to have their children participate, the parents were “inadvertently making a choice to undermine efforts to improve schools for every child.” As testing season approaches…

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