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You Don’t Have to be a Writing Expert to Help Your Child Write Well

By Tyra Seldon From my vantage point, most people either love writing or hate it—very rarely do I meet people who are ambivalent or indifferent about the topic. I can even remember some of my former students, who were optical engineering majors, asking me, “How is this relevant for my profession?” Compounding this even further…

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Racism Pushing more African American Students into Homeschooling

This article originally found at Michigan Radio I can’t complain about homeschooling for any reason. I plan on homeschooling my son who is almost two right now. Once he is old enough, schooling will begin (although children are never too young to learn). My neighbor homeschools his son, and once his daughter is old enough,…

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Resources for Parents New to Homeschooling

By: Cande Mitchell Homeschooling is becoming very popular, especially among African-American families. Some elect to homeschool for religious reasons, whereas others are concerned about the increase of violence and negative behavior in today’s schools. Regardless of the reasons, parents have the right to educate their children in a manner that best meets their needs. As…...

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Not All States Require Homeschool Instructors to Have High School Diplomas

Original article found at: To much surprise, only 14 states require homeschool instructors to have, at minimum, a high school diploma. According to a recent report by the Education Commission of the States, the other 36 states do not have these requirements. There are wide variations across the country when it comes to educating a…

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Unschooling: How these Parents are Making it Work

Traditional school versus homeschool. Nowadays, that is the typical education debate. I know personally that this is the debate in my household, and we still have a few years before my son goes to school. But now, we’ve come across another type of learning. One that doesn’t involve classrooms, or schedules to follow with parents…

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We Are Our Own Worst Enemies When It Comes To Homeschooling

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Many Black Families Homeschool Their Children Due to Racism in Schools

By Evette D. Champion Homeschooling is something you usually hear white families doing for their children; however, it is becoming more popular with African American families, as they now make up 10% of all homeschooled children in the country. Unfortunately, the reason these families are choosing to teach their children at home isn’t the same.…

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FREE Common Core Resources for Parents and Educators

Common Core has become one of the most contested and controversial educational developments in recent years. While parents, educators, and parents debate its merits, man students are in need of supplemental resources that will help them navigate their math and ELA courses. The great news is that there are many free online tools that you can use…

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Dr. Tyra Seldon: Is Poetry a Dying Genre?

By Tyra Seldon I dreaded studying poetry. It just seemed as if poets had magical and mystifying skills that escaped many of us. As my high school teachers and college professors would engage us in line by line analyses, I would often wonder how so much information could be extrapolated from a few words, phrases, or…

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