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Is Race a Factor in Determining Who is Gifted and Who is Not?

This article originally found at I don’t know why the idea ever came to mind that children of one race are more gifted than another. As a student, I remember being in the gifted and accelerated classes with multiple ethnicities. No one race was represented more than another. And, if I recall correctly, we…

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Parent to Parent: 6 Tips to Help Your Child in Gifted and Honor Programs

It should come as no surprise that white students are more likely to be classified as “gifted” or “intelligent” than Black and Hispanic students. When a snapshot is taken of these classes throughout the nation, the numbers reflect the same. As a mother of a child who is recognized as academically gifted, and currently in one…

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Are Gifted and Talented Programs Being Used as a Way to Segregate Schools?

As parents, you most likely want your children to receive the best education possible , but  it is troublesome when you feel that they are being short-changed in the process. If necessary, you will go through extreme measures to make sure that they are in the best private or public school available. But what about the gifted and…

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