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Get Outside the Textbook!

By Felicia Williams A little while ago, I was reading my Facebook timeline when I saw a video clip that claimed students were “freaking out” in the hallway. Naturally, like any nosy person, I clicked the link. To my surprise, the students were “freaking out” over mathematics! J. E. Johnson Elementary School in Mississippi is working outside of…...

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Paul Quinn Becomes First HBCU Designated as a Work College

When I think back to college, I remember working in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom in order to offset the cost of attending college. And there were others, like me, who worked, but there were also a good number of students who did not have to work. Perhaps they had a…

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Project Pneuma’s Holistic Approach to Helping Young Black Males in Baltimore

In Baltimore, MD there is a group of young men training to become focused warriors. Project Pneuma is helping young, black men in Baltimore learn how to cope with stress and anger, and it is all being done through the use of yoga and meditation. Damion J. Cooper developed the program and sought those students…

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Landmark Ruling in Favor of Student with Disabilities

The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act guarantees that all students with disabilities are entitled to a “free appropriate public education.” But what if the public education system is not meeting the needs of students with disabilities? Endrew F. vs. Douglas County School District has the potential of affecting the 6.5 million students with disabilities here…

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Meet Valerie Thomas, NASA Scientist and Patent Holder

Meet Valerie Thomas the NASA inventor who developed the technology to send images from space to earth. Born in Maryland in 1943, Thomas discovered her passion for science at the age of eight after checking out a book from the library. Despite the lack of encouragement from her teachers and even her family, Thomas pursued…

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Howard University West Opens on Google Campus

Howard University is expanding westward; that’s right, Howard University is opening a satellite campus on the Google campus. Why? To encourage more African Americans to study coding. The Howard West campus will be located in Mountain View, California and will allow computer majors to immerse themselves in the tech culture found on the Google campus.…

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Does the New York Teacher Certification Test Indicate Bias Against Blacks and Hispanics?

We have heard that standardized tests for students are often biased and because of that they put students of color at a disadvantage. Now what if I told you that the state of New York has found that its state test for educators seemed to create a bias against blacks and Hispanics taking the test.…

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Slave Auction Posters as a Classroom Assignment for Elementary Students: Really?

There are times when I, as a parent and an educator, am just left scratching my head and wondering: What in the world was that teacher thinking? A teacher at South Mountain Elementary School in South Orange, New Jersey had students create slave auction posters for an assignment. These posters were hanging on the walls…

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An Innovative School Set to Offer Real-World Education in Somerville, Mass.

Are schools as we know them doing the most for students? In other words, are students leaving high school prepared for life or are they leaving high school demonstrating that they know how to check items off of a graduation requirement list? There has been an ongoing debate about whether or not our educational system…

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