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On The Honor Roll, Yet Failing?

How can students make the honor roll every quarter, but still struggle academically? This video demonstrates how some school districts have decided to change their grading systems, prohibiting failing grades. In one Tennessee school district, no student can receive any grade under 60 percent. Therefore, everyone passes. How does this strategy help students prepare for college…...

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What Foreign-Exchange Students Say About Education Here in US

While many believe America is still at the top when it comes to educating its youth, the numbers aren’t necessarily supporting that. This is an interesting fact given that the United States spends more per student than many of the other countries in the world. Amanda Ripley, a reporter, set out to find out why…

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Poor Performing Syracuse Schools May Adopt Year-Round Schedules

By Angela Wills Sharon Contreras, Superintendent of Syracuse Schools, says that some of the area’s schools that are experiencing poor performance issues may be transitioning to a year-round school schedule. The state has labeled 18 of Contreras’ schools as “struggling” or “persistently struggling,” which indicates that the students’ test scores fall in the bottom 5 percent during…

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The $7 Billion Dollar Question: Why are our Schools Still Failing?

By Victor Ochieng The Obama administration saw an urgent need to improve America’s worst schools and to eventually increase the number of students enrolling in college. Initiated in 2009, the School Improvement Grants (SIG) program was expected to address a problem that has caused widespread outcry from educators. “Our goal is to turn around the 5,000 lowest-performing…

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So, You Failed Your Exam? Here are A Few Things You Can Do Other than Cry

By Angela Wills It’s water that we’ve all tread on at one time or another. You studied or crammed for the exam, gone over each answer twice before submitting the finished test, collected your things, turned in your test, and exited the room with your heart in your hand. What on earth just happened in there?…

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Should Atlanta Public Schools Be Preparing For A State Takeover?

By Angela Wills Low-performing schools in the Atlanta public school system could be at jeopardy of a state takeover. A state takeover means that underperforming schools will be acquired by the Opportunity School District if proven to be consistently failing in academic performance. Atlanta currently is at the highest risk of having its public schools…

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Syracuse, New York Schools Have One Year To Improve Before State Takes Over

By Angela Wills A list was released that named 20 New York public schools that have exactly one year to improve their academic performance or they will be taken over by the state. Among the schools listed was Grant Middle School in Syracuse, New York. The school is said to have shown continuous signs of…

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Vanguard: Conversations with Women of Color in STEM – Episode 4

On episode four of Vanguard: Conversations with Women of Color in STEM, join Dr. Jedidah Isler as she features Nicole Cabrera, the Georgia State graduate student and social justice advocate behind the influential #FailingInStem Twitter discussion, and Dr. Christine Grant, Full Professor of Chemistry and Biomolecular Engineering and Associate Dean at North Carolina State University. The…

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Why is Iowa Failing Some of Its Black Students?

When this story came across my newsfeed, it immediately grabbed my attention since I was born and raised in Iowa. For the most part, I have fond memories of growing up there, but I was not blind to the fact that there were differences between the student populations at school. That being said, I was extremely…

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