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Will the Obama Administration Start Focusing on Desegregating Schools?

By Evette D. Champion Once Arne Duncan ends his term as Secretary of Education in December, John King will take over. While we don’t expect much to change when it comes to federal education policy, there may be one positive change in the future. King might take the necessary steps to focus the department’s energy and…

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It’s 2016: Time to Upgrade Detroit Schools to the New Millennium

In 1896, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racially separate facilities did not violate the Constitution if the facilities were equal. For the next 50 plus years, many were forced to realize that equality was a concept that could be redefined by those in authority “at will.” Due to the unfair practices of the day,…

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The Consequences of Cultural Competence for Teachers of Color in America

Cultural competence, the knowledge or skills allowing professionals to efficiently and effectively work across cultures, is a term increasingly discussed by professionals tasked with diversifying the workforce, particularly in education. This seemingly commonplace term appears to have reduced the significance of diversity and is counteracting diversity-related goals, thus contributing to the high burnout rates among…

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Howard University Announces New Ph.D. Program Focusing on Minority Serving Institutions

Howard University is going where no other university or college has gone before with its creation of a new Ph.D. Program in Higher Education that will focus on Minority Serving Institutions. Dr. Robert T. Palmer, the program director, believes the program fills a niche in secondary education. Palmer, who is also an associate professor in…

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