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Kindergarteners are Being Suspended for Calling Out Answers During Class

By Evette D. Champion Annually, approximately 3 million students, most of whom are in high school, receive out-of-school suspensions. However, more and more children in preschool or kindergarten are being sent home as punishment for infractions that would make you raise your eyebrows. In a PBS NewsHour Special, John Merrow discusses suspensions within the Success Charter…

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How Early is Too Early to Send a Child to School?

By Angela Wills Parents are often anxious, nervous, and excited as their little ones approach school age. Although these emotions are quite common, the question lingers if sending children to school so early is actually best. A study conducted by Stanford University reveals that Danish parents who delayed sending their children to kindergarten for up to one…

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An Inside Look at the Economic Facts Affecting Your Child’s Education

By Angela Wills Black children transitioning to kindergarten score below average in math by 0.66 standard deviations and 0.40 in reading compared to their white peers. Comparisons reflect that the income achievement gap is much worse: Upon entering kindergarten, the variation in scores between a child from a household that ranks in the 10th percentile…

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Why Parents of Young Children Should Be Concerned About the Academic Achievement Gap

Washington D.C. is the national leader of universal access to preschool for 4- and 5- year olds as a way to ensure that all children are ready for school, regardless of their economic status. However, a recent report reveals that the achievement gap starts much earlier than preschool; in fact, it starts in infancy. This…

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Building Young Children’s Home Library with Positive Black Characters

Clear your shelves! Your home library may need a makeover to assure your children are surrounded by positive, relatable characters. Media shapes our children’s views of what they can and cannot become. The home library is a crucial place for building a connection to positive messages, endless possibilities, and an enjoyable experience of reading. It…

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Homework Doesn’t have to be Boring Work

This story originally found at Edutopia Homework can be a fight. Kids don’t want to do it, and with the introduction of Common Core, among other things, parents have trouble helping them with it. It seems to make for a no-win situation. However, there are many positive aspects to homework, such as extra practice, additional questions,…

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When Books aren’t Enough: Why Mentoring Matters

This story originally found at NPR Children need guidance. A school In West Baltimore, Renaissance Academy High School, is providing just that by employing four African American mentors with various educational and life backgrounds. The early reviews and expectations were mixed. Jalone Carroll, a 20-year-old with only enough credits for 10th grade, stated “[…] they would…

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How to Select the Best Daycare for Your Child

Daycare is sometimes a necessary part of being a parent. We need to work, feed our family, pay the bills, etc. One would think that it really can’t be that hard. However, I am going through this process right now, and did it before as well. It is not an easy thing to do. If you…

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Why Milestones Aren’t the Holy Grail

So I have an almost two-year-old son who doesn’t really talk much. However, his first official word other than, “dad,” “hi,” “bye,” was…“s***.” Really, that’s what it was. It was used in the perfect context as well. Is that bad? Not necessarily, but it shows me that I know I need to watch my language more…...

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