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You Don’t Have to be a Writing Expert to Help Your Child Write Well

By Tyra Seldon From my vantage point, most people either love writing or hate it—very rarely do I meet people who are ambivalent or indifferent about the topic. I can even remember some of my former students, who were optical engineering majors, asking me, “How is this relevant for my profession?” Compounding this even further…

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If We Don’t Affirm Our Girls, Who Will?

By Tyra Seldon The recent NAACP Image Awards ceremony was rich with Black women in beautiful gowns with smiling faces beaming with confidence. Articulate and poised, many of the presenters and award recipients epitomized the positivity that many of us strive for. Now, juxtapose that image with that of a young school-age girl who barely…

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Dr. Tyra Seldon: 3 Practical Ways to Improve Your Child’s Writing Skills Right Now

By Tyra Seldon Technology-assisted platforms have become the primary means in which most young people engage with other people. Couple that with social media and most young people spend a significant amount of their time and energy communicating. Texting, Tweeting, Instagramming and Facebooking all involve some form of communication, more specifically “writing.” However, the writing that…

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Dr. Tyra Seldon: Why the Controversy about Who Built the White House is a Reflection of America’s Education System

By Tyra Seldon When Michelle Obama gave her speech at the DNC, she referenced the paradox of a Black family living in the White House, a house built by enslaved African-Americans. Social media erupted; some people were in awe, others were dismayed, and yet others questioned the validity of her assertions. As a student of…

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Dr. Tyra Seldon: Teaching Our Children About the Importance of Sitting at the Feet of Their Elders

By Tyra Seldon As many young people begin the start of the school year, they will be reminded about the importance of learning their core subjects. Whether it is math, ELA, social studies, or science, these subjects often make up the traditional American student’s curriculum. They learn the importance of history, formulas, writing, speaking and…

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Dr. Tyra Seldon: A Parent’s Guide to Teacher Talk

For those of us who have had a chance to serve in institutions of learning, there are certain terms and phrases that we are very familiar with and use on a regular basis. But, have we ever thought about what this language might sound like to outsiders? Maybe imagine, Charlie Brown listening to his teacher…

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Did you Know that February is National African-American Read-In Month?

By Tyra Seldon In addition to being a month when many celebrate the ongoing and diverse contributions of African Americans, February is also a time that has been earmarked to celebrate reading and literacy. Contrary to many public perceptions, many African Americans have robust appetites for reading. Of course, reading is encouraged in school, but…

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Dr. Tyra Seldon: Using Literature to Heal a Generation and to Teach Empathy

By Tyra Seldon Excruciating Pain. Our relatively young nation is hurting. As adults, we oscillate between being awake and burying our heads in the sand. However, in the midst of our confusion, there is a generation of children who are watching, listening, and holding onto our every word and our actions. #AltonSterling  #PhilandoCastille #DallasPD   #BatonRougePD…

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Seven Steps to Writing an Effective Letter or Email to Your Child’s School

By: Tyra Seldon An upset mother recently reached out to me. She had an issue that she was trying to resolve and unfortunately, she felt as if she had hit a stone wall. The mother was frustrated and deeply concerned that her concerns were not being addressed by the school. I asked her to share…...

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