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Kindergarteners are Being Suspended for Calling Out Answers During Class

By Evette D. Champion Annually, approximately 3 million students, most of whom are in high school, receive out-of-school suspensions. However, more and more children in preschool or kindergarten are being sent home as punishment for infractions that would make you raise your eyebrows. In a PBS NewsHour Special, John Merrow discusses suspensions within the Success Charter…

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Did Brown vs the Board of Education Truly Help or Hurt Black Education?

We fought for it. We died for it. We did everything we could as black people to get rid of “Separate but Equal” in our school systems, from universities to K-12 classrooms. The legal significance of the famous Brown vs. the Board of Education case has shaped the landscape of education as we know it…

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Are Time-Outs Really a Good Form of Discipline?

This article originally found at PBS Discipline. This is always a topic of conversation when it comes to children. How are you handling their bad behavior, is spanking considered child abuse, why is your child acting that way, why aren’t you doing anything about it, etc. There are always questions, and it calls into play…

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Why Developing These 5 Habits Early in Life Can Lead to Success

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White Student Threatens Black Student With A Noose and Gun

By Giovanni Zaburoni Police are investigating a possible hate crime after video surfaced of a white student threatening as black student on Snapchat with a noose and a rifle, according to KCRA. Both students attend Central Catholic High School. The victim’s mother, Tanya Porter said she reported the video to the school on March 25th.…

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Is Improving Equity in Schools Achievable?

Equity is the quality of being fair and impartial. When it comes to schools and education, it is always an ideal goal. We want all students to go to school and feel the same way, be treated the same way, and learn the same way. But, as we have seen in the news and have…

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Are Certain Forms of School Discipline Unacceptable?

The way we discipline our children at home and at school should be different. However, when you find out that the school is disciplining in a harsh, extremely racist way, you have to question the teacher’s methods and stand up for your child. One mother was appalled at the treatment her son received regarding personal space. There’s…

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Remember The Baltimore “Hero Mom?” What Happened To Her?

By Victor Ochieng Toya Graham became an Internet sensation when she took it upon herself to discipline her son within the  full glare of cameras. She stormed into a protest, reached out to her rebellious son and clobbered him. Remember that? Just to jog your memory: The incident took place at the height of the…

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Use of Brute Force and School Policing Harming Our Students

By Victor Ochieng News of school security officers using excessive force on students is commonplace. After the incident with a Black female high school student at Spring Valley High School, debate and widespread criticism of school disciplinary measures spread through the nation. It’s become evident that teachers have failed in their role of instilling discipline…

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