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Will the Obama Administration Start Focusing on Desegregating Schools?

By Evette D. Champion Once Arne Duncan ends his term as Secretary of Education in December, John King will take over. While we don’t expect much to change when it comes to federal education policy, there may be one positive change in the future. King might take the necessary steps to focus the department’s energy and…

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What American Schools Need to Improve Race Relations and Equality

By Ryan Velez The Justice Department hailed a federal court order in affirmation of desegregating schools in Cleveland, Mississippi, with the court saying that it would allow students to “learn, play, and thrive together.” The notion that desegregation of schools would even be a topic in this day and age may come as a bit…

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Is School Desegregation Still the Answer? (Video)

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At the Feet of our Elders: “Concerned Student 1950” at the Age of 89

By Angela Wills Concerned Student 1950 was the name demonstrators at the University of Missouri chose as a reference to the year that the institution admitted its first Black students. As students voiced their concerns and dissatisfaction with the president of the university system, the last thing they probably expected was to be under the radar…

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Will Forcing Consolidation in Mississippi Schools Achieve Desegregation?

It has been 62 years since the Supreme Court ruled that “Separate but Equal” was not equal in the Brown v. Board of Education case, yet the debate continues. The Cleveland School District located in the Mississippi Delta has been ordered to desegregate its middle and high schools. The district is literally divided by railroad…

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Are Charter Schools the Answer to Desegregation?

This article originally found at Huffington Post Regardless of what we may believe, segregation is still alive and well. Even though it’s kept in plain sight, it seems as though segregation in schools exists due to the neighborhood in which they are located. While that may all be well and true, we need to take…

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Student Can No Longer Attend School Because He Is Black

This story originally found at News One Every day children across the world get up and go to school. A school in their area, because they can. It’s it every child’s right to have a great education and to enjoy the learning process. Even though we hear a lot about schools not performing well, and…

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