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Dealing With White Parents As A Black School Principal

By Giovanni Zaburoni If you’ve ever been a minority working in an all-white environment, you know there are a number of obstacles you have to overcome. The sometimes subtle, but often times overt, comments and actions from your peers may make you feel as though they lack respect for your ideas, perspectives, and hard work. Your…

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Five Ways to Raise Strong and Empowered Young Women

In the final video of the series, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses discuss the importance of being open about sex, modesty, sexuality, and relationships with the opposite sex....

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Use of Brute Force and School Policing Harming Our Students

By Victor Ochieng News of school security officers using excessive force on students is commonplace. After the incident with a Black female high school student at Spring Valley High School, debate and widespread criticism of school disciplinary measures spread through the nation. It’s become evident that teachers have failed in their role of instilling discipline…

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Clinical Psychologist says It’s Okay to Push Back Against a Bully: Agree or Disagree?

David Coleman, clinical psychologist, broadcaster, and author, is giving out what some might view as radical parenting advice. In a piece he wrote for the Irish Independent, Coleman suggests children fight back against bullies at school instead of walking away. Why? He proposes that children actually benefit from facing their attacker rather than just walking…

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Common Sense Has Left the Building & Stupidity Has Taken Over

English teacher, National Teachers Hall of Fame inductee, Kennedy Center’s Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Award recipient – sounds like the ideal teacher, right? Why then is Mr. Tom Porton, an educator with 45 years of teaching, retiring? He said it is because school is no longer pleasant and that it is not the way it…

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