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Are We Steering Young People Towards College Without a Navigation System?

By Felicia Williams In 2011, the Common Core Standards were introduced and implemented by school districts across the United States. To date, there are 43 states that have voluntarily adopted and are working to implement the standards. One of the reasons that these Standards were designed was to ensure that students graduating from high school…

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List of Grants for Education, Community Service, and Student-Led Projects

By Evette Champion Financial support is a hurdle that many of us need to cross in order to reach our objectives. Fortunately, several grants are available for those who display a degree of excellence both inside and outside of  the classroom. From arts education to STEM to playground construction, here is a list of grants that…...

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Social Studies Encourages Students to Contribute to Society

By Angela Wills Lessons in social studies encourage students to get involved in the democratic process. The injection of social responsibility into the classroom helps better prepare students to become and remain socially aware. This November, at the National Council for the Social Studies conference, educators will acquire more information on how to implement positive instruction in social…

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Grambling Challenged Other HBCUs to Collect Books for Prison Libraries

By Angela Wills Members of the Grambling State University Psychology and Sociology Club toured a correctional facility last year. It was during this tour that they noticed the severe shortage of books inside the prison library. This prompted them to begin a book drive that collected 225 books for the library inside the Richwood Correctional…

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In the Light of Incidents at Missouri, Yale, and Ithaca: Can College be a Multicultural Hub?

Cultural Sensitivity is a Major Contribution to Society On the flip side of being places known for racial disharmony, colleges today can be hubs where people attend multicultural events, such as museum showings, arts festivals, and music programs. Introduced to culture in college, many people continue to pursue holistic activities later in life. Hence, those…

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How One Mom’s Punishment for her Teen Son Changed His Life and His Perspective

Most parents work tirelessly to teach their children right from wrong. When a wrong is done, a punishment is often used in an attempt to correct the negative behavior. Sometimes the punishment doesn’t work. Sometimes the punishment brings about a temporary change. However, there are times when the punishment offers more than a temporary change. In…

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