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You Don’t Have to be a Writing Expert to Help Your Child Write Well

By Tyra Seldon From my vantage point, most people either love writing or hate it—very rarely do I meet people who are ambivalent or indifferent about the topic. I can even remember some of my former students, who were optical engineering majors, asking me, “How is this relevant for my profession?” Compounding this even further…

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A List of Resources About Parental Involvement

By Evette Champion Parental involvement in a child’s education is one of the biggest indicators of future academic and career success. Here are some of the best tools to help you become more engaged in your child’s learning process. Why Parent Involvement is Essential Educating Parents About Education – Tom Whitby (2014) Teachers educate parents about…...

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How Has Reality TV Affected Our Children? What Can Be Done?

Have you ever had a conversation with the young people in your life during which you’re convinced they aren’t listening to a word you’re saying? This video can help. Felicia Meadows has 15 years of experience in counseling young people and encouraging them to take control of their careers. In this down-to-earth conversation, Meadows speaks with Dr. Boyce Watkins…...

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“Oracy” Should Be a Major Subject in Schools

Have you ever met a person who just doesn’t talk on the phone? Or one where having a conversation with them is like pulling teeth? That’s how a lot of people are now. People can easily text, and be “keyboard warriors” as they are called, and send emails and such, but when it comes to…

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Kindergarten Teacher Gives Useful Parental Tips

Imagine a room full of five and six year-old children overflowing with energy and excitement. Kindergarten is often the first year of formal instruction for most children. It is a critical year in the academic, social and emotional development of a child. Kindergarten teacher, Shamone Mitchell M.Ed gives parents useful tips about being involved with…

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Dr. Tyra Seldon: Can Your Child Code? And This Has Nothing to Do with Computers

By Tyra Seldon Coding is a buzz word that is sweeping through many educational and tech circles. Parents are being encouraged to expose their children to coding early. With technology overtaking almost everything that we do, it makes sense to prepare students for a skill that may open professional and personal doors. But there is…

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