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Tips on how to Have Your Child Truly Prepared for College

As we educators look at black graduation rates, we realize that it’s a two-fold situation. black graduation rates have risen over the years, especially for black women, but it is leaps and bounds lower when it comes to those of our white counterparts. The question is not why are our students not completing their education,…

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Talking to My Daughter About Money

My daughter is only 20 months old. All of the money she has received over her short life has gone into the bank or has been used for buying the necessary items to keep her clothed, fed, and entertained. She watches us spend money, so the mighty dollar is a part of her daily life.…

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Do You Have a 529 College Savings: Here’s Why You Should

I’m about to have four kids! We always wanted three children, but my husband and I were surprised with twins on this third pregnancy. It’s a scary thought; it is even scarier when I think about college savings for each one of them.¬†With our first child, we thought just setting up a simple savings account…...

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