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Are We Steering Young People Towards College Without a Navigation System?

By Felicia Williams In 2011, the Common Core Standards were introduced and implemented by school districts across the United States. To date, there are 43 states that have voluntarily adopted and are working to implement the standards. One of the reasons that these Standards were designed was to ensure that students graduating from high school…

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Career and Technical Classes in High School Can be Beneficial

This article originally found at Deciding to go to college is such a daunting task. If a student decides they don’t want to go, where do they go from there? Do they go work at McDonald’s while deciding their future? Do they find something else that will help them save money? Some schools believe…

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Don’t Take a Break During Winter Break, do These Instead

By Cirrelia Thaxton When fall semester is over, there are many opportunities for college students to experience new things over winter break. Although it is the holiday season and you want to spend time with family and friends, you should also take quality me-time. During me-time, a college student can refresh and rejuvenate in preparation…...

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Girls Who Code Alumnae Receive Career Opportunities From Tech Companies

By Angela Wills AT&T, Adobe, and Prudential Foundation have granted nearly $3 million in grant money to Girls Who Code (GWC) to establish the GWC Alumni Network. This program will present career opportunities with leading tech companies and will ultimately connect women with a tech education to careers in the technical industry. GWC assists a…

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Want to Get Paid to Attend Stanford Business School?

Stanford Graduate School of Business, one of the most prestigious and top ranked business schools in America, is now covering tuition fees for MBA students. In order to partake in this luxury, students must being willing to take a job in the Midwest. The Stanford program’s goal is to find ‚Äúpeople who are interested in…

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In the Light of Incidents at Missouri, Yale, and Ithaca: Can College be a Multicultural Hub?

Cultural Sensitivity is a Major Contribution to Society On the flip side of being places known for racial disharmony, colleges today can be hubs where people attend multicultural events, such as museum showings, arts festivals, and music programs. Introduced to culture in college, many people continue to pursue holistic activities later in life. Hence, those…

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13 Things That You Can Do That Will Help You Land an Internship

Are you thinking about participating in or applying for an internship? Do you want to stand apart from the other candidates? One way to do that is by being open to networking with people in your industry. You can create more connections by going to networking events and conferences that are somehow related to your…...

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Bring Back Vocational Training

College. Is it a necessity? Is it something that is a requirement in order to make it in this world? While some training is necessary, college, per se, might not be. Katherine Newman of the New York Times reveals that there will be plenty of “middle skill” jobs available. Requiring some training, these jobs do…

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