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Are We Steering Young People Towards College Without a Navigation System?

By Felicia Williams In 2011, the Common Core Standards were introduced and implemented by school districts across the United States. To date, there are 43 states that have voluntarily adopted and are working to implement the standards. One of the reasons that these Standards were designed was to ensure that students graduating from high school…

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Career and Technical Classes in High School Can be Beneficial

This article originally found at Deciding to go to college is such a daunting task. If a student decides they don’t want to go, where do they go from there? Do they go work at McDonald’s while deciding their future? Do they find something else that will help them save money? Some schools believe…

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Why are High School Graduations Up and College Admissions Down?

According to Black Enterprise, “The latest national data show that more students are getting their high school diplomas than ever before. Just over 82% of the students who were high school seniors during the 2013–14 year graduated, up from 81% the year before.” I must say that it is pleasing to see high school students…

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Is Deciding a Major at Eighteen for Everyone?

Unless you are one of those who knew exactly what you wanted to be when you got older, deciding on a major and a lifelong career can sometimes backfire, and can cause the student to undertake a serious amount of debt. I, personally, am an example of this. When I went to college, I was a music…

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Common Core is Not a Four Letter Word—Part 1

By Tyra Seldon There are several misnomers that exist about Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which is commonly known as Common Core, especially in African American communities. Some people have asserted that the standards were created for the purposes of controlling how and what students think. I have also heard that the Obama Administration personally…

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