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Did Brown vs the Board of Education Truly Help or Hurt Black Education?

We fought for it. We died for it. We did everything we could as black people to get rid of “Separate but Equal” in our school systems, from universities to K-12 classrooms. The legal significance of the famous Brown vs. the Board of Education case has shaped the landscape of education as we know it…

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A Black Community Question: Where are All the Black Teachers?

Ask yourself this question: How many black teachers did you have while you were in grades K-12?  Think about when you were in college? Chances are, if you had more than 3 black teachers during your entire academic career, you were truly blessed, regardless of if you went to school in an urban or suburban setting.…...

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The Disturbing Plight of New Orleans’ Veteran Black Teachers: Does Anyone Really Care?

By Ryan Velez New Orleans’ strength and recovery following Hurricane Katrina have become a model of determination for the entire nation. However, Edweek is calling attention to a post-Katrina phenomenon that is under the radar for many: the dismissal of many of the city’s veteran black teachers, along with nearly all of the 7,000 employees…

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Black Male Teachers Pushing For Black Excellence in Classrooms

By Giovanni Zaburoni A student can go from kindergarten to college without ever having been taught by a black teacher or a teacher of color in the United States. The situation is dire because studies show black students respond better to teachers that look like them, understand their experiences, and have high expectations of what they…

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Several States Take a Fresh Approach on Teacher Training

Multiple states in the U.S. are implementing efforts to ensure that students, regardless of their income level, ethnicity or race, are provided with quality teachers. In short, they are eliminating all of the factors that seem to affect education. Arne Duncan, the United States Secretary of Education, said that it is critical for the parents…

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It’s 2015: Where are the Black Faculty Members?

By Angela Wills Diversity is one of the most controversial topics on college campuses today. According to several colleges and universities, they encourage diversity on their campus and within the staff. However, the hiring of African- American faculty doesn’t seem to match the eagerness that is expressed by many of these institutions. Recent issues have surfaced on…

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How the Race of a Teacher Impacts the Use of Exclusionary Punishments

It is a fact that black students are often punished more harshly in school than their white peers. In fact, data from the U.S. Department of Education shows that black students are disproportionately given exclusionary punishments, like suspensions and expulsions, than white students. So, what can be done about that? According to a research article…

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Students Have Better Perceptions of Minority Teachers

We’ve seen so many articles lately about the idea that children of color, and children in general, learn better from a teacher who is like them, and who looks like them. But now we have some new information: it has been found that students of all races prefer teachers of color. According to the research…

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Chicago Students Walk Out of Class Over Teacher Dismissals and Budget Cuts

In October 2015, approximately 200 students from the Roosevelt High School in Chicago walked out of their classes.  They were supporting their staff and teachers, many of whom had been laid off. Some of the students interviewed said they were against the budget cuts in their school. Roosevelt High School alone had its budget sliced…

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