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Will the Obama Administration Start Focusing on Desegregating Schools?

By Evette D. Champion Once Arne Duncan ends his term as Secretary of Education in December, John King will take over. While we don’t expect much to change when it comes to federal education policy, there may be one positive change in the future. King might take the necessary steps to focus the department’s energy and…

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Five Black Historical Facts that Your Child will Never Learn in School (Part 1)

Most of our schools give history from their own perspective, and not ours. This leads to warped perspectives for young black children, low self-esteem, and a peculiar form of intellectual inadequacy. It’s up to us to fill in that void to ensure that our children learn everything they need to know. In this video, History…

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Activists are Bringing Education Back to Girls in Nigeria, Despite Boko Haram

By Evette D. Champion Out of the estimated 57 million children that are not in school around the world, 10 million of these children reside in Nigeria. What’s even more disheartening is that the majority of these children are female. In the predominantly Muslim northern portion of the African country, the situation is bleak. Girls…

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13 Popular Sayings You Should Avoid as a Teacher

After many years on the job, many teachers can recall phrases that they regret saying to their students. Today, not only are numerous teachers still saying these things, but many are unaware that they are causing harm to their students. These regretful phrases may influence students’ motivation and affect them in a negative way, which impacts how well teachers…

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Vanguard: Conversations with Women of Color in STEM – Episode 3

[brid video=”17202″ player=”3326″ title=”Vanguard Conversations with Women of Color in STEM (Episode 3 912015)”] In the third episode of Vanguard: Conversations with Women of Color in STEM, the panelists discuss transitions in the development of their STEM careers. The panel includes: Dr. Cyntrica Eaton (Computer Science, Norfolk State University), Dr. Monica Feliu-Mojer (Science Communication &…

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Educational Games: A Kid’s Guide to African American History

[easyazon_link identifier=”1556526539″ locale=”US” tag=”youblawornet-20″]A Kid’s Guide to African American History[/easyazon_link] by Nancy I. Sanders applies a unique approach to educating children on African-American history. Sanders highlights key people in history, such as the first American to make a wooden clock, the inventor of the mobile X-ray device, and the inventor of peanut butter. Throughout the book,…...

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“He Talk Funny:” Articulate While Black

In the past, racism towards blacks has been commonly viewed as an overt action by white people to perpetuate their superiority and maintain the white hegemonic structure. Jim Crow Laws allowed white people to have better restaurants, water fountains, and movie theaters, while blacks were given inadequate and inferior spaces purposely and openly. However, in…

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A Guide on Synchronizing Home and School for Success

According to a study by Dodd and Konzal (2002), the relationship between school and home is an integral ingredient in supporting academic success. Bad school-home situations are likely to cause poor performance at school. One of the best ways to improve these relations is by applying some meaningful practices or projects that connect life at school…...

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Pinterest Engineer Unveils Non-Profit to Increase Employment of Black Engineers Within Tech Industry

It is no secret that today, the issue of diversity in the technology industry is a viral topic. Many leading tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Apple are dominated by white males. Even though their consumers vary in racial backgrounds, their corporate offices and boardrooms do not reflect the diversity of their consumer…

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