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Let’s Read More to Our Black Boys

This article originally found at The Ed Advocate I love reading with my son. However, he seems much more content with just turning the pages, closing the book, or trying to eat it. In that same sense, we have a tablet for him that helps with everything from Tangrams (puzzles with basic shapes) and math,…

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New Children’s Book Tackles Intraracial Prejudice

The issue of intraracial prejudice is real in the Black community. What is intraracial prejudice? It is the prejudice that exists within the Black community. In other words, it is when Black people are prejudice against other Black people due, for the most part, to the color of their skin. This prejudice is often seen…

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Get Involved: The Power of Mentoring Black Boys

Black boys need positive role models. Many of them are getting lost between the transition from childhood to young adulthood. Bad choices are being made, and the long-term consequences are often troubling. It is easy for these boys to consider dropping out of school rather than pursuing a higher education path. So, what can be…...

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Getting Our Black Boys To Read

As a parent, I know that reading to my son is important. It helps him with his language skills, comprehension and ability to hear words and sentences that aren’t part of a normal conversation. He’s almost three and I plan on starting the Harry Potter series soon, just because it’s a great series and he can…

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6 Reasons Why Young Black Boys end up in Special Needs Classes

By Evette D. Champion For young black boys, ninth-grade is a critical year. It determines their chances of graduating from high school. Did you know that out of the 4.1 million ninth-graders in the nation, 258,000 are young black males? Even more, 23,000 are in special education classes and over 37,000 are enrolled in honors…

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Detroit 9-Year-Old Launches a Clothing Boutique For Boys

By Victor Ochieng Education is not just about being in a classroom. Education is about life and learning, including the importance of being business savvy.  In other words, you don’t have to wait until you are an adult to become an entrepreneur and that’s what 9-year-old Brandon D. Hill is doing. So, what inspired the young…

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Boys, Especially Black and Latino Ones, are Disadvantaged in College Preparation

Who is going to college? It looks like more girls are than boys. In an abbreviated article on, there is a clear breakdown of the gender gap on college campuses. Girls enroll for college and get more advanced degree at a higher rate than boys. The majority of participants in school-based programs that work…

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Why are the Black Girls “Ghetto” and the Black Boys “Cool” ?

Recent findings from the American Psychological Association’s Sociology of Education journal indicate that gender is a determinant of a person’s social integration. A professor at the University of Buffalo, Dr. Megan M. Holland, examined the social implication of desegregation programs on minority students in White-dominated schools in a Boston suburb. The findings indicated that Black…

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How the Race of a Teacher Impacts the Use of Exclusionary Punishments

It is a fact that black students are often punished more harshly in school than their white peers. In fact, data from the U.S. Department of Education shows that black students are disproportionately given exclusionary punishments, like suspensions and expulsions, than white students. So, what can be done about that? According to a research article…

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