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You Don’t Have to be a Writing Expert to Help Your Child Write Well

By Tyra Seldon From my vantage point, most people either love writing or hate it—very rarely do I meet people who are ambivalent or indifferent about the topic. I can even remember some of my former students, who were optical engineering majors, asking me, “How is this relevant for my profession?” Compounding this even further…

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What are the Best Educational Apps for Students ?

Many young people are very savvy when it comes to technology. Every day, a new app emerges. Some are more appropriate than others, so with thousands of apps available on a vast global market, it can be difficult to select the best ones for children. Here, we summarize some of the benefits of educational apps…...

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Mother and Teens Create App to Document Abuse By Law Enforcement

By Angela Wills There has been a large movement to encourage people of color to consider careers in technology. The world is evolving around technical advances being made via smart technology, apps, and other mechanisms. As police brutality incidents are at an all-time high, Five-O was developed to help civilians rate their encounters with law…

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Do You Want to Write Like Hemingway?

By Tyra Seldon Perhaps you are too young to remember American author Ernest Hemingway. He was a prolific 20th-century writer who was known for a captivating writing style. Hemingway often left his audience mesmerized by his ability to create vivid images and develop multi-dimensional characters. Interestingly, he was able to do all of this by writing…

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Want To Home-School Your Child? Here Are 10 Useful Apps

By Victor Ochieng Technology has taken over the world, and a lot of learning materials have gone digital. Programmers are continuously developing apps that make accomplishing a variety of tasks much easier. There are numerous educational apps that have been developed specifically for children, and many of them can be embraced by parents who would…

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Need a Scholarship? Try This New App

By Victor Ochieng What if I told you that with one click, you can have access to scholarships that are the perfect fit for you? With a new app called Scholly, students can now easily identify scholarships opportunities that fit their educational needs. Nick Pirollo, a Drexel University student, was making a presentation about maximizing…...

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Jesse Williams and a Scholarship App Join Forces to Change Lives (Video)

Jesse Williams is no longer a stranger to social media. Ever since his fiery speech at the 2016 BET Awards, he has been using his platform as an actor and activist to make a difference within the Black community. Williams understands the challenges of growing up in an under-resourced public school system. Thanks to scholarships, his life…

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Memorizing Things Has Become a lot Easier as Flashcards go Digital

By Victor Ochieng Flashcards have been used for years to help students memorize information. However, the biggest challenge to old-fashioned flashcards was that they were limited in capacity. With technology, flashcards have finally gone digital as well, making the memorization technique easier and more convenient for users of all ages. What does that mean? It…

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This App Just May Solve Your Math Problems

Parents often wonder how to teach math to their kids at home. For parents who struggle with this problem, there is an app that may help. This app, called Bedtime Math, has been verified by a study in the journal Science as being very effective for elementary children. The study was conducted by a team…

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