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Racism Pushing more African American Students into Homeschooling

This article originally found at Michigan Radio I can’t complain about homeschooling for any reason. I plan on homeschooling my son who is almost two right now. Once he is old enough, schooling will begin (although children are never too young to learn). My neighbor homeschools his son, and once his daughter is old enough,…

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Parent to Parent: 6 Tips to Help Your Child in Gifted and Honor Programs

It should come as no surprise that white students are more likely to be classified as “gifted” or “intelligent” than Black and Hispanic students. When a snapshot is taken of these classes throughout the nation, the numbers reflect the same. As a mother of a child who is recognized as academically gifted, and currently in one…

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For the Past Decade, Nelly has Sent Two Kids to College Each Year

By Evette D. Champion In light of all the injustices that the black community has had to endure over the past few years, the black community has begged for black celebrities and public figures to take a stand and speak out against these tragedies. Some celebrities have made a stand by using social media and…

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Did Brown vs the Board of Education Truly Help or Hurt Black Education?

We fought for it. We died for it. We did everything we could as black people to get rid of “Separate but Equal” in our school systems, from universities to K-12 classrooms. The legal significance of the famous Brown vs. the Board of Education case has shaped the landscape of education as we know it…

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The Dilemma of Being the Only Black Person in Class

“How does it feel to be the only Black student in the classroom?” The words that come to mind when a African-American student sees no other Black faces among his peers can be controversial and disheartening. Words and phrases such as, ”excluded,” “awkward,” “isolated,” “lonely,” “singled out,” and “out of place” may be used to describe the experience.…...

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Trauma and African American Students

By Tyra Seldon Emotional pain is something that many adults learn how to deal with and manage. Life experiences, coping mechanisms, and wisdom often guide us as we deal with life’s difficulties. In other words, we know that there is hope and possibility even in the midst of the storm. Imagine a child who has…

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Celebrating Black Boys Through Literacy: Recommended Books Featuring Young Black Boys

One of my fondest memories of childhood was the weekly trip to the public library. My dad would take my brother and I and we devoured books as if we were in the candy shop. I had an interest in a wide range of genres; however, there was one major problem: the books available to us…

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What do Successful Teachers of African American Children Have in Common?

Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, talks about some important factors that are common between successful teachers of African American children. Ladson-Billings is known for her work in Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Critical Race Theory. She is also the author of [easyazon_link identifier=”0470408154″ locale=”US” tag=”youblawornet-20″]The Dream Keepers: Successful Teachers of African…

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Florida School District Under Investigation for Discriminating Against Black Students

Earlier this month, the Federal Department of Education Office of Civil Rights opened an investigation against the Pinellas Count Schools in Florida. The goal is to determine whether or not the school district systematically discriminates against African American students. This review comes about following several months of criticism over several failing St. Petersburg elementary schools:…

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