New Children’s Book Tackles Intraracial Prejudice

The issue of intraracial prejudice is real in the Black community. What is intraracial prejudice? It is the prejudice that exists within the Black community. In other words, it is when Black people are prejudice against other Black people due, for the most part, to the color of their skin. This prejudice is often seen amongst Black males and females.

The issue of intraracial prejudice can be traced back to slavery and maybe even beyond, but this article isn’t about the history of it. It is about what a young man artist named Lawrence Lindell is doing about it now.

Lindell created a book titled “From Black Boy with Love” for Black girls. It is 24 pages full of illustrations and positive messages. The images are of young boys conveying inspiring messages of love and respect to young Black girls.

So what inspired Lindell to create such a book? In an interview with the Huffington Post, he shares: “I’m black and my community is full of black and brown women who I love dearly and I wanted to make something for them. But we as men have a huge problem with how we talk, treat and think about women.”

The book is also an outreach of sorts of the work he does as a youth art educator. He sees young children berating each other and noticed that hair, body shape, and skin color were the primary target areas to attack.

Lindell wants to change the narrative. Instead of hearing things like: You ol’ nappy-headed, black-ass charcoal looking girl,’ ‘with yo ugly fat ass;’ Lindell wants Black children to see and know their value as people.

He wants the males who read the book to know that they need to respect all women but in particular, Black women. In fact, Lindell says it best: “Black and brown boys, treat all girls with respect, but especially the ones who look like you, sound like you, live where you live; we have to take care of each other.”

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