Meet Gale Glover, Author of Reach Higher Ed

Reach Higher Ed is a book written with the goal of getting students and parents thinking about higher education at an early age. The main character in the story is named “Ed,” which is short for education. Throughout the story, the reader will be encouraged to read, write, and solve math problems in order to reach the goal of higher education. The book is very colorful, fun, and will be great to read as a family. As a bonus, the book includes of glossary of terms which will allow students and parents learn college terminology. Your Black Education interviewed the author of Reach Higher Ed, Gale Glover, who is a native of Flint, Michigan.

1. What is the target age group for Reach Higher Ed?

This book is for the whole family, the storyline is for ages five and under, but the glossary and ten tips for a successful college experience can be shared with everyone and specifically parents. So, after they read Reach Higher Ed to their young child as a bedtime story, they can then turn to the back of the book and share that with their high school student and begin to look at ways for them to have a successful, cost-effective college experience.

2. Why did you decide to write Reach Higher Ed?

I wanted a way to promote education among all ethnicities, but more importantly, I wanted a way to promote a more affordable education. So, I asked myself how can we get kids thinking about education as well as teach them the right way to get that education and so Reach Higher Ed was born. My 5-year-old nephew was a huge inspiration for this book, but I also wanted to prevent students from dealing with some of the issues I experienced as a new student. I believe if we teach our young kids about higher education, then they will begin to research it at an early age, and by the time they enter college, they will have the tools they need to have a successful and affordable college experience.

3. How important do you think higher education is for the African American community?

It is hugely important to promote education of any realm within the African American community, meaning from the beginning of K-12 and into and throughout higher education. Education should be a priority to help eliminate some of the obstacles that African Americans face.

4. Tell me about your background. How did you get interested in higher education?

I was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, in a single-parent household, and I grew up in poverty. There were times where we didn’t have running water, and because we were struggling, so bad education was not a priority. It wasn’t until I had to start thinking about college for my daughter that I even began to think about attending college. How could I tell her she had to go to college when I hadn’t been myself, and how can I help her when I had never been through the process?

Therefore, I became a non-traditional student and entered U of M – Flint. There I was granted work-study. so I began to work for the U of M system. I began researching as student, and as a worker, I had a clear plan in mind. I was able to get a Bachelors in Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Africana Studies. I also received a Masters in Public Administration, and currently, I am in a Post-Masters Educational Specialist Program and will eventually earn a Doctorate in Education.

5. What is the number one thing you think parents of African American children need to know about higher education?

African American parents need to know that their children can successfully complete higher education and do it in an affordable way. For example, attending a community college is far less expensive, so the student should start there first, but they should also take classes at a community college that will count for both their associate’s and bachelor’s degree, saving both time and money. So, having a clear plan is key to their success.

6. How can parents buy the book?

They can purchase the book at here or on Amazon.

7. Do you have any future projects planned?

I have a Reach Higher Ed activity and coloring book which is set to be released by the end of January. I also have a 3rd coloring book coming soon, and the 4th Reach Higher Ed story book is geared for high school students and will help them successfully and affordably complete higher education. The expected release date for that is the end of summer 2016.

Update: The Reach Higher Ed: Activity and Coloring Book has been released and is available through this website

It is very important to get students thinking about higher education at a young age. It is very commendable the author recognized this need and wrote a book to help families. Reach Higher Ed is a excellent addition to the family bookshelf.

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