Increase Your Child’s Knowledge of Black History With These 4 Apps

By Angela Wills

The technology platform has provided many ways for all ages to enhance their knowledge in one form or another. Almost every family has some outlet that bridges them to one or more sources of technology, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or other devices. One of the greatest contributions on the smart circuit comes in the form of apps that help to enhance the knowledge of young children. Here are 4 apps that could contribute positively to your child’s knowledge of Black history.

Black Inventors Match Game

This app is available on the Android and iOS platforms and designed especially for children between the ages of 7 and 12. Interactive teaching is used to assist children in learning about inventions that were created by Black inventors. The door knob, traffic light, lemon squeezer and many others are all a part of the learning dialogue featuring characters by the name of Myles and Ayesha. Once the interaction is complete, users can test to see what they’ve learned in a matching game. This app is available at a cost of just 99 cents.

‘Then and Now Series: Black History’

This is an iOS app that provides info on a variety of cultures around the world. The Black history edition of this app allows users to acquire information about 100 people through images, biographies, and links to music and/or video. The cost of this app is only $1.99.

‘More Than a Mapp’

This app is available on Android and iOS and serves as an interactive map that creates a more enhanced experience by connecting users directly with Black history. Once users select their location, the app finds Black history facts that occurred locally and highlights them on the map. There is also a feather that allows users to design pinpoints that other users can view. This app is available at no cost.

Black History Quiz

This app is available on Android and via the Amazon App Store

This is a free app that is basically a Black history version of “Jeopardy”. It presents a variety of multiple choice questions of a Black history origin that are designed to test the knowledge of the users. Movers can’t advance to the next level until a correct answer is entered. Prepare to be challenged and significantly enhanced with knowledge about Black history with this app.



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