Get Outside the Textbook!

By Felicia Williams

A little while ago, I was reading my Facebook timeline when I saw a video clip that claimed students were “freaking out” in the hallway. Naturally, like any nosy person, I clicked the link. To my surprise, the students were “freaking out” over mathematics!

J. E. Johnson Elementary School in Mississippi is working outside of the box and the classroom. Carrie Walker, principal of J. E. Johnson, introduced the game Fact Dash to her faculty and students. A fun and fast-paced math review game, the students eagerly line up in two groups and go head-to-head answering math facts in the hallways during passing periods. There are cheers, smiles, some looks of shock and awe, and an intense level of excitement that is contagious.

And best of all? So much learning is taking place!

This innovative approach adds an entirely new concept of learning to the school day. These kids are learning that math can be fun and exciting. They also see that academics can be just as competitive and rewarding as athletics.

To be quite honest, we need to take a cue from Ms. Walker. In this day and age, there is a need to find innovative techniques that not only teach students information, but make learning exciting as well.

Having a hard time coming up with an “outside the book” approach? Here are some ideas:

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