NFL Player Works on Doctorate During “Off Season”

This story originally found at ESPN Whenever we discuss athletes and their stardom, some of us may wonder if they are all brawn, or if they have some brains as well. Sound a bit discriminatory? Understandable. It’s not meant to, though. It’s like following thinking about other celebrities…The Kardashians, as an example. I know they…

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10-Year-Old Fashion Designer Making Waves

This article originally found at New York One When I was 10, I was watching Law and Order and playing music in my school band. Did I think that was a bad thing? Of course not, but I didn’t have the drive that this young girl has. A fifth-grade student in Queens, New Games York,…

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Convicted Felon Earns Doctorate and Opens College for Others Like Him

This article originally found at ABC 7 Chicago Not everyone in jail wants to stay there for life. They want to better themselves and improve their chances of staying out of prison. Daniel Geiter, as told by ABC 7 Chicago news, is 30 the epitome of someone who made the best out Why of a…

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child drinking water

Why Flint’s Water Crisis is Our Crisis

This article originally found at Think Progress Water. A necessity in life. Not just any water though, but rather clean, fresh water that helps to replenish the body and mind. Dehydration can have effects such as headaches, dizziness, delirium, etc. But, what cheap nba jerseys happens when the water that we all need so much…

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Two ABC Shows “Push The Envelope” By Tackling The Use of the N-word In School

This article was originally posted Performances on Two ABC shows have tackled the use of the N-word in school in the last week and, given the precariousness of the topic, have come up with pretty thoughtful cheap mlb jerseys examinations of the word and its place in modern society. First up was the cheap…

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Rapper Nas receives Harvard’s W.E.B. Du Bois Medal –University’s highest honor in the field of African and African American Studies

By Allison Pohle via His 2010 song “Leaders,” is Escort an cheap jerseys ode to notable figures in the black community, but rapper Nas will further solidify his place among them when he’s awarded the W.E.B. Du Bois Medal Wednesday. The medal is Harvard’s highest cheap mlb jerseys honor in the field Wholesale Miami…

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